photojournalistic photography education

for the photographer who wants to learn how to infuse soul back into their process

Whether you are just beginning or are in a creative rut after years of documenting the lives of others, you are not alone. Learning to infuse soul back into your process and sit in the raw with the sweet client-friends in front of you is a journey that I believe all artists should take. I want you to connect deeply with your clients, your work and develop your own creative artistry while building a business that feels like you. 

Are you tired of feeling like your images aren't making the impact you want them to?

PHOTOGRAPHER. educator. Believer. 


In our time together, you will learn hands on how to seek the unique, capture the in-between and curate the gold among the dross to create raw, organic imagery time and time again. 

zoom session

+ 1 hour recorded zoom call
+ your choice of website or instagram audit

+ 2 hour recorded zoom call or 2 hour in-person experience (with a detailed follow up email to recount what we went over)
+ your choice of website or instagram audit
+ hard skill training of choice (i.e. photo editing in lightroom/photoshop, email funnels, graphic creation, easy product creation in canva, web design and blogging with ShowIt, SEO, etc. )  

the process

and dissect

intentional vision planning

Learn the Olive and Oath process


+ 4 hours of hands-on training (with a detailed follow up email to recount what we went over)
+ your choice of website or instagram audit
+ one-on-one hands on training to practice and refine the skills taught at the beginning of our time together.


She is so warm, friendly, and welcoming. She was able to capture our sense of adventure, love for each other, and excitement about our relationship so seamlessly. Reagan made it feel so easy and so much fun throughout our entire couples session. I couldn't recommend her enough.

 I know who I'm going to for my future engagement and wedding photos.

I love how the photos came out because she captured TRUE moments. We weren’t just posing in front of a camera. It was a bonding experience for me and my other half FOR. SURE. She made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera and she’s incredibly encouraging.

She not only portrays romance beautifully in her photos but she cultivates it within the moment!

Debs responded to getting her gallery with

These are f**king AMAZING!!! I’m not even sorry for the potty mouth. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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develop your creativity

financial organization

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get legally legit

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building a brand

no. 1

I get it.  Starting a business is tough. The learning curve is high, but you're not alone. Here are a few resources that cover the basics I wish I knew when I first opened my business. 

guides to introduce you to things I wish I knew when I first started

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