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Those flowers are from the grocery store??? I know. Crazy right? 

One of my favorite things to have in the house are fresh flowers. There is something about their beauty that really brightens up a space! Usually, I simply go to the store, grab some baby’s breath and greenery then call it a day. However, when I saw Billiann’s floral work on Instagram I knew that there was so much more I could learn and share with you all! She graciously agreed to meet up and teach a few things.

We chose to create an easy (but beautiful!) DIY floral centerpiece video to share some of her floral tips and tricks. In addition, we wanted to answer some of the common questions we both get about florals from clients! In order to make this as simple for you all to listen, learn and do, we split the Q+A and the DIY into two separate videos. 

If you make your own centerpiece we would love to see it! You can tag us on instagram @reagansuitt and @bloomsdunnright!

Happy crafting! 


We used these for our DIY floral centerpiece: 

  • White Ranunculus
  • Sahara Sensation Garden Roses
  • White Majolica Spray Roses
  • White Wax Flower
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Mini Carnations 
  • Hypericum Berries
  • Gunni Eucalyptus
  • Seeded Eucalyptus 


Before we get too crazy there are a few words that we need to define because we use them a lot!

  • Focal flowers are the biggest flowers of the group.
  • Fillers are things like babies breath and mini carnations that begin to create the fullness in a centerpiece. They fill the empty spaces.
  • Greenery, well that is self-explanatory. Greenery can be a wide variety of things but the common grocery store options are varieties of eucalyptus.
  • When we are talking about using these items to cover the mechanics, we mean it’s covering the bowl and chicken wire. The mechanics are simply whatever is holding the florals.
  • Centerpieces with a lot of visual interest have height differences between the florals. We call the higher florals fliers. You can choose whatever you want to fly above the rest, but usually they are smaller flowers or greenery. Using a focal flower would make it look a tad heavy. 


  1. Buy all the materials
  2. Fill buckets about halfway with water 
  3. Prune the flowers by removing the plastic they came in, removing leaves and thorns on the stems and picking off any browning petals. 
  4. Bunch a section of chicken wire into a ball. The amount of wire is dependent on the size of the bowl. The goal is to create a solid base for the flower stems to hold onto when you later insert them.
  5. Place the chicken wire into your bowl. You can use floral tape to tape down the chicken wire if your bowl does not have a lip. Place floral tape across the top in a tic-tac-toe-like fashion. 
  6. Start with your focal flowers. Choose your favorite of the bunch, trim the stem and place it somewhere in the middle. We want your focal flowers to be the center of attention! 
  7. Keep adding more focal flowers while focusing on covering the sides of the bowl. 
  8. Once you have your desired amount of focal flowers, you can begin placing some of the filler flowers. Again, you’ll trim the stem and start placing them, covering the mechanics as much as possible.  
  9. The focal flowers and fillers should take the majority of the space in your centerpiece. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve got, start adding in pieces of greenery! This is usually a great time to start creating height in the centerpiece. 
  10. To finish off the perfect centerpiece add some fliers to add height. 

*** Remember, if you don’t like something, simply remove it and place it somewhere else. The goal is to start creating fullness and even distribution of all the florals you have!   

Voila! You have a beautiful centerpiece. 

Q+A video:

coming soon!

Timestamps for the Q+A:

  1. Why are florals so expensive? How is pricing created?
  2. Does time of year change what’s available? 
  3. Isn’t it easy to DIY my florals? 
  4. How much can I expect to spend on florals if I just get bouquets and boutonnieres for 8 people? 
  5. What if I am traveling for my elopement? How can I still have pretty florals? 
  6. How long will the florals stay alive? 
  7. Where are wedding florals sourced from? 
  8. What if I want a flower that is out of season? 
  9. What if I am allergic to the flower I choose? 
  10. Flowers seem expensive, let alone paying for a florist to arrange them. What are people who forgo a florist missing?
  11. What should I look for when hiring a florist? 
  12. Where can I find inspo to take to my florist?

Well, thanks for following along! I can’t wait to see what DIY floral centerpiece you create. If you want more DIY or homemaking fun click here.

DIY Floral Centerpiece with Grocery Store Florals 



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