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Hey, pretty lady! Are you looking to host your fabulous summer wedding outdoors, but don’t know if your guests will melt from the sun? There are pros and cons to every season but we all know the heat is a big con for those summer vows. Guess what though? Your summer wedding does not have to be uncomfortable for your guests.

Here are five of my favorite ways I have seen brides handle the summer heat while experiencing the wedding of their dreams, and saving their guests from heatstroke. 

1. Umbrella favors 

If you’re wanting to buy your guests a little party favor, a great way to give a favor AND combat the heat is to give sun umbrellas! Usually these are made from a paper-like material and have a parasol look. They can be used during the ceremony, reception, and even look great in photos. You can bulk buy these for around $10 each from a few places such as The Knot

2. Fan favors 

Maybe the parasol doesn’t really fit into your desired look for the day. How about a fan? Fan can be completely personalized for a fraction of the cost of the parasols and are equally as functional in keeping your guests cool. For both of these favors, you can have them in a basket or bucket by the entry of the ceremony space with a sign letting guests know to take one! Trust me, in a couple minutes they’ll really be thanking you for that. Here are some options to choose from: paddle fans that have a beachy feel, program fans that include your wedding program, raffia fans to be super trendy, and plastic fans that are durable.

3. Cold water buckets at the end of the aisles 

If neither of those are floating your boat, another great option is having water buckets at the ends of the outsides of the aisles full of water bottles and ice. Guests can grab one on their way to their seat and stay hydrated throughout your summer wedding ceremony. This works great in tandem with option 1 + 2 as well. If you want some inspo for what that could look like then click here!

4. Shaved Ice and Slurpees

Not every venue will allow this as an option BUT a slurpee or shaved ice vendor during cocktail hour is an amazing option to cool down your guests. There are so many amazing shaved ice trucks in Southern California. It’s a fun way to do cocktail hour and hey, maybe you can find someone who is doing boozy slushies. Here are a few trusted Southern California Vendors: Kona Ice**, Tikiman, Breezy Freeze, and Los Angeles Shaved Ice. (**Kona Ice is a chain. You can search for you local store)

5. Ice cream truck  

Are you a sucker for nostalgia like me? Maybe you should consider getting a good old fashioned ice cream truck. One with the superhero popsicles, chaco tacos and so much more. Most trucks are independent contractors so it may be hard to track down but I bet it would be a hit among the crowd to get an ice cream truck during cocktail hour to cool the masses and spread the joy of childhood summer days. Say good-bye to hot summer wedding days and hello to nostalgic fun!

There you have it. Those are my five favorite ways to handle the heat during a summer wedding. If you find yourself doing any of these things, let me know on instagram @reagansuitt

Happy planning!

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5 Ways to Handle the Heat at Your Summer Wedding



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