Should You Have An Intimate or Traditional Wedding? -

Should You Have An Intimate or Traditional Wedding?

Are you wondering whether or not an intimate wedding or a traditional wedding is right for you? Buckle up, because we are about to dive deep into what the heck these two types of weddings are, who they fit best and how you can start the planning process. 

Let’s start with definitions. What the heck is an intimate wedding?

While the definition from person to person may change a little, it’s generally defined as a wedding with under 50 people in attendance. That means there is a lot of wiggle room with what you can do for your intimate day.

In this blog, we are talking about a pretty traditional intimate wedding, not an adventurous destination intimate wedding.

A traditional wedding is simply a larger wedding celebration that follows suit of the traditions of past generations. Both can be so fun and completely catered to you two as a couple but the vibe of the day is different, but include moments like: walking with dad down the aisle, father/daughter mother/son dances, garter/flower toss, cake cutting, toasts, etc. 

Should you choose an intimate wedding? 

You should choose an intimate wedding if:

  • You want to get married in a destination location (aka somewhere other than where you and your community is from)
  • You have a small group of people that you’re really close to. It’s not necessary to invite every friend you have ever had. 
  • You want to be able to mingle with everyone at your wedding without feeling like you have no moments to just enjoy the day. 
  • You want to invest more money per person for a more lavish event, instead of having more people there and budget-friendly options. 
  • Your ideal venue can only host a small number of people.

You should choose a traditional wedding if: 

  • You have a large family where large weddings are highly valued. 
  • You have a lot of friends from all walks of life that are still important to you. 
  • You’ve been saving for quite some time and just want to throw a freaking rager. 

Now that you know which one is for you, what do you need to do next? 

Once you decide which option is more fitting for you, your financial situation and your ideal wedding experience it’s time to start planning! Luckily the planning process doesn’t differ too much for either of these.

Download your wedding planning checklist to start your wedding planning process. Good luck and happy planning! 



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