Intimate White Chapel Wedding | Natalie + Darreon  -

Intimate White Chapel Wedding | Natalie + Darreon 

These two have been smitten with each other since they met in high school. Though I didn’t know them back in those days I am willing to bet that they are just as smitten now. This was an intimate white chapel wedding. Only family was invited and was in the same exact chapel that Natalie’s parents got married decades earlier. There was a real sense of families coming together with God at the center. 

The day started off with a first look. A special moment between the bride and the groom to soak in the weight of the day. Darreon immediately teared up at his bride’s beauty, and everyone else did too. Natalie looked straight out of a novel in her light pink wedding dress against the backdrop of the intimate, white chapel. The morning was cool and the ceremony sweet. Remember how I said it was the same chapel as her parent’s wedding? Well it was also the same Pastor. Before the wedding day he had asked Natalie and Darreon to answer some sweet questions in an email. To their surprise, he shared excerpts from it during the ceremony and though they were not expecting it, the room was full of laughter and tears by the time it was all done. Their love is full and deep and so touched by God that it cannot be broken. 

Congrats to the newlyweds! 



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