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5 Minimony Wedding Trends To Celebrate Safely

2020-style minimony weddings are starting to look like they’re here for a longer haul than anyone anticipated. I’ve never seen a group of brides so resourceful and resilient as the ones who have had to plan AND replan their wedding days.

With orders changing daily and new information of the mysterious ‘rona popping up, brides are being rightly cautious. Better safe than sorry, amiright? 

I have shot 14 weddings since March during this crazy time – some big and some more intimate, but all a similar theme of how they’ve found a safe way to celebrate.

Let’s walk through the 5 minimony wedding trends for keeping you and your select guests safe while still celebrating your big day!

1. Sani Tables that have masks and sanitizer on them 

First and foremost, SANITIZER + MASKS. I have seen everything from N95 boxes to custom mask favors that are reusable. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Not only are most venues requiring it, but it’s an easy way for guests to feel they can protect themselves from COVID easily.

My suggestion is to have at least one station in each section of the venue (i.e. ceremony, reception, dancing area, food, etc).

2. Smaller wedding but a live-streamed event

While some people have opted to move their date to the following year, another popular minimony wedding trend is having an intimate in-person gathering while live-streaming the event for the guests they would’ve invited.

This allows you to start your life without putting everything on pause, while also including those you love on the day.

One amazing service that I have the privilege of partnering with is Lovestream by Bustld. Lovestream does remotely produced, live streaming services all through the use of cell phones.

You can add a pre-recorded welcome, good-bye, speeches, etc. and it’s all produced virtually! Your day is also available after the fact for you to watch back as well.  

3. Wristbands to signify the level of interaction you’re comfortable with 

This is one of my favorite things because trying to communicate with a mask covering your face is already SO HARD. It’s hard to see facial expression, it’s harder to hear and the awkward little dance as you go up to greet someone is probably the worst of them all.

Wristbands eliminate any worry about who is comfortable with what contact.

An easy system is a green, yellow, red band.

  • Green – comfortable with all contact.
  • Yellow – comfortable to come close but no hugs.
  • Red – please keep your distance.

You’ve now alleviated the stress of the unknown! 

4. Editorial and spread out family photos

While family photos are one iconic part of the wedding day, they can be risky when you’re putting multiple generations and households into one photo.

The use of a more vogue inspired posing style with family units posed together in their own clumps, is a trend we are going to start to see even more!

The physical distance is not only practical for everyone’s comfort but also quite modern and chic. 

5. Silent disco dance floors OR no dancing at all 

This last one makes me a little sad to be honest, but I totally understand why we’ve had to head this direction.

Most venues are not allowing dancing because of the close proximity and bodily fluids that come from people getting wild and singing along.

If they are allowing dancing, it’s usually with masks – which no one wants to do. Silent discos are dance floors where everyone has their own headphones and are listening to their own music.

This allows for physical separation and removes the temptation to dance with others because they can’t hear your jams LOL. Both options are not my favorite, but when in a pandemic what can you do? 

Obviously, it is 100% up to you, your local guidelines and your venue to create the best mix of safety and fun. But be encouraged, my friend.

Weddings are still happening, love has not been canceled and you are still worthy of being celebrated!

Now get to planning – xoxo



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