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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Photographer Before You Propose

*INHALE DEEPLY* Do you smell it? Love is in the air…

Too cheesy? Well, it’s true ‘tis the season of proposals and engagements. If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about proposing to the woman of your dreams, amiright?

You are also probably going back and forth on whether or not you should hire a photographer when you propose!

While you’ve got to ultimately do what you think is best, here are my four reasons I think hiring a photographer when you propose is worth it.

1. It shows your girl that you put a lot of intention into planning

Getting your photos taken is a special occasion for most people. You and your girl may have never even gotten photos taken before. Hiring a photographer shows that you had to think well in advance about how to make this day special and how to preserve the intimacy of that day.

Most people can’t just find a photographer the week of the proposal – this shows you thought more about proposing than “now seems like a good time.”

2. It allows you to trial run a photographer for your wedding

Let’s be honest, getting your photos taken for the first time seems weird to most people. You have a complete stranger shoving a camera in your face and asking you to kiss.

Now imagine how awkward you would feel if the first time you experience that is on your wedding day.

Hiring a photographer for your proposal gives you a trial run for both you and the photographer. You can calm your nerves about the unknowns of getting professional photos taken and you can test out how well you vibe with your photographer.

Guess what? If you don’t vibe well, you can change photographers for your wedding day! Yay for figuring it out before it’s too late.

3. It doubles as an engagement session

Another reason you should hire a photographer when you propose is your fiancée-to-be will probably want engagement photos anyway.

Why not pay once and get the benefits of two photoshoots? All of the proposals I shoot end with an engagement session.

I walk my clients through how they can slyly prime their girl to be all prettied up before the big day, so the engagement photos are the icing on the cake.

Your special day is not only documented but now you have Save the Date photos (and didn’t have to spend twice the money).

4. Your photographer can help you plan the proposal

Photographers literally work with couples on the DAILY who are planning weddings, elopements, and proposals. This is so helpful, especially if you’re struggling to figure out what option will be best for your boo.

I love offering a personalized proposal service for my guys that just don’t know where to start. We can work together to create the perfect moment fit for your special someone. Good-bye stress!

5. It’s a great way to throw off a sleuth 

You may be thinking “but my girl is WAY too sneaky. She’ll figure it out before I’ve even booked you.”

Trust me – there are so many ways to create an experience where she has no idea anything is coming. I can’t lay out all my tricks here but trust me… there are ways. 😉 

I wanted to talk about one more thing. Some guys are worried that the intimacy of the moment will be ruined by having a photographer in the thick of the action.

While I do think the energy/excitement usually makes the photographer 100% unnoticeable to both parties, I have zoom lenses that allow me to be a fair distance away without interrupting (or even hearing) what is happening.

Just know – we photogs have your moments’ authenticity and intimacy in mind when shooting. 

There you have it. 5 reasons you should hire a photographer when proposing. Are you seeing why I think it’s important? If you want to hear more about my specific proposal experience and service – inquire here to chat! 

Good luck – you’ve got this. 




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