Romantic Backyard Wedding | Lexi + Chandler -

Romantic Backyard Wedding | Lexi + Chandler

This romantic backyard wedding was not even in the plans three weeks prior the actual wedding date. Yup, you read that correctly. Lexi and Chandler got married not only in the middle of a pandemic but in the middle of a horrific fire season that lead to their original venue almost burning down and closing their property for the rest of the wedding season only three months before their October wedding date.

Square one only three months away, after planning their wedding for over a year. The disappointment and stress was real. They quickly found a plan B – use a friends backyard that needed some work but they would do the work in exchange for the space at no fee. Well, did I mention is was fire season and Chandler happens to be a firefighter. That meant up until two weeks before the wedding Chandler was fighting some of the worst fires in Southern California. That also meant that the work that needed to be done on the home could not be done. Meaning two weeks before the wedding they were back to square one. This is where God stepped in and wowed them with a generous offer that ultimately led to an incredibly beautiful wedding like they always dreamed.

Tucked away in the back of Oak Glen was a home with a small homestead full of goats, alpacas, chickens and dogs. A home that just a year prior, Chandler had protected while fighting another fire season in Oak Glen. His dad was even able to take this families animals and house them somewhere safe while the area was evacuated and this lovely family did not forget the generosity. So when they found out about the situation with wedding venues they were more than willing to open up their home for Lexi and Chandler to get married in two weeks.

This home is not like a normal home. Its’ acreage featured beautiful sprawling trees, apple orchards, pampas grass and more. It truly made the perfect backdrop for the romantic wedding of their dreams despite all the unknowns only a few weeks prior. Enjoy a taste of their wedding day magic.

Backyard Wedding in Oak Glen, California

Detail shot of ring and bridal bouquet
White themed wedding aisle & arch
bride and groom rings portrait
Wedding portraits

Vendor Feature

Venue: Backyard

Photo: Olive and Oath

Florals: Flowers by Mae Mae

Dress: Madi Lane Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey

Groomsmen Suits: The Black Tux

Hair: Meghan Valerie Hair

Video: Madhu Media

DJ: Joey Pina

Catering: Margaritas Grill & Restaurant

Cake: Michelle’s Bakery

Rentals: Ricky’s Party Rentals



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