Snowy Idyllwild Engagement Session -

Snowy Idyllwild Engagement Session

A snowy idyllwild engagement session is always a good start to a year. In fact, this has become one of my favorite places to take couples to. It’s quiet, peaceful and always beautiful with or without snow. When Serena and Richie told me they wanted to go somewhere green and beautifully inspiring, Idyllwild felt right. We met in the early afternoon and began our session by trekking to the back of my favorite meadow. The sun was beaming through the pines that encompass this entire space. It was a crisp 50 degrees with only the slightest breeze. With some peaceful lo-fi drifting out my speaker, we spent the next hour thinking about nothing but what this season has held.

Serena and Richie live life fully. They are the type of couple that works to live not live to work. This is evident in their passion for richly experiencing each season. Wedding planning has been slow and present. Exactly how it should be, in my opinion. Time flies quickly when we aren’t intentional and I think their desire to soak every moment up is one of the reasons we’ve connected so much in the few months we’ve known each other.

I asked Serena to give me one theme that is representative of their wedding/engagement season. This is what she had to say: cozy, intimate celebrations. I think this is the perfect example of what cultivating an intentional, slow wedding season looks like.

Enjoy a look into their snowy Idyllwild engagement session.

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