The Most Underrated Getaway Spot in California -

The Most Underrated Getaway Spot in California

Throughout my years as a SoCal local, I had heard of the Northern California town of Mendocino but never really thought much of it. SoCal seemingly has everything you need when it comes to beaches. If you make your way to San Diego, we even have cliffs. What I didn’t know until my recent trip to Mendocino, California was that this little town is a hidden gem. Tucked away between rolling hills of Redwoods, Mendocino has breathtaking cliff sides with water that rivals Big Sur. The drive into the city is an experience of its own. Luscious landscapes blooming with wildflowers, tall grasses and Spanish moss are a staple. These views line a simple two lane road through wine country if you travel in from the east side. I definitely recommend journeying through this area at sunset because the views are nothing short of the sites you see in movies.

As for the little town of Mendocino itself, it’s quiet and peaceful. Wonderfully fit in-between the trees like a perfect puzzle, Mendocino feels secluded. A small market, just a few minutes walk from the most incredible cliffs, is the main local source of groceries. If you’re looking for something a little more mainstream, you can drive 20 minutes out to a Safeway in Fort Bragg. Trickled throughout the town and surrounding towns are quaint B&Bs perfect for an anniversary getaway like The Heritage House. The romantic atmosphere here is palpable. Life here is a culmination of slow living, fog-filled mornings and natural wonders everywhere you look. 10/10 recommend a Mendocino getaway for your next vacation with your person.

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If you make your way to the Mendocino area and want your anniversary getaway documented – drop me a hello here and I’d love to adventure with you.



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