There are a lot of topics newly engaged couples are being introduced to at once. Wedding planning is quite the task, especially when you aren't in the industry and have no clue where to start. As your photographer, I want you to feel educated and confident in all the decisions you make without the stress of digging through hours and hours of research. 

This FAQ is not your average collection of common questions. It also gives you a basic understanding of some industry standards and jargon that you will probably come across in your search for the perfect vendor team for you. 

Frequently Asked questions

QUESTION 1: Do you do destination weddings? 
Yes, I 100% do travel nationally and internationally, as long as COVID travel regulations allow for travel to your desired destination. Custom quotes and packages are available upon request for any international destination weddings.  

QUESTION 2: Do you shoot weddings larger than 70 guests?
Yes. I do shoot larger weddings as well as intimate weddings. The most important thing to me is that the wedding day is reflection of my couples. I firmly believe that can be created within a larger wedding, it just takes a little more intentionality and focus while planning.

QUESTION 3: Do you charge travel costs? If so, what is included?
For any wedding over 30 miles from my home there are minimal travel costs. These are discussed during out initial phone call and change based on the current market. This includes but not limited to: plane travel, car rental, overnight accommodations where necessary, food, etc. They are kept as minimally as possible and can be discussed in depth during our first call.  

QUESTION 4: How are my images delivered?
Your first time seeing your beautiful, new family heirlooms will be at a gallery reveal celebration in person (or over zoom)! This is a beautiful afternoon of reliving your wedding day together through both digital and print. After that, you'll receive a private digital gallery link where you can access both the web size and high resolution images. 

QUESTION 5: How long until my gallery is delivered?
Gallery delivery is generally 8 to 10 weeks for weddings and 4 to 6 weeks for sessions.

QUESTION 6: Do you offer engagement photos and boudoir?
I do offer a wide variety of additional coverage options to my wedding packages, including engagement and boudoir sessions at an exclusive rate when booked with your wedding package. 

QUESTION 7: How can we book you?
The process is quite simple. Fill out an inquiry form here, schedule your dreaming session, sign your contract and pay the $1000 non-refundable retainer. This reserves your wedding day and officially adds you into the Olive and Oath family. 

QUESTION 8: What happens if we have to postpone?
Just like the initial booking, the reschedule process is simple. If I am available on your new date, you'll need to put a non-refundable retainer down to reserve it. If another couple is able to book your previous date for the same or greater value of your package, you will receive a refund from your first retainer. Since the retainer is what reserves your date and I often turn down other clients after a date a reserved, I can't simply refund or transfer the retainer. If I am not available on your new date, I have a catalog of skilled associate shooters to choose from that will make sure you are well taken care of on the day of your wedding. I will still handle all editing and communication before and after your wedding. 

QUESTION 9: Do you photoshop us?
As a photojournalistic photographer, my goal is to create timeless images in camera so that I can retain the true essence of your experience within each image. I do not do any major cosmetic retouching that changes the core of my clients. i.e. weight changes, hair/eye color changes, etc. I do, however, remove anything that is dynamic and wouldn't be there in two weeks. i.e. acne, skin texture, wild hairs that distract from the image, etc. If you want a more retouched photo, I do offer detailed retouching at $50/image due to the high level of skill and time this requires. If I am shooting film for your wedding, retouching is not available. 

QUESTION 10: How is travel handled?
All travel is booked by myself or my assistant based off of our agreed upon contract dates. When booking you're given a base quote for the necessary travel and will be invoiced the exact cost once it's been officially booked. As a regular traveler, we do our best to keep my flights, rentals and hotels as affordable as possible. If you are already booking a hotel block or have an extra room in your AirBnB that is set aside for me, I am more than happy to work out travel arrangements that work best for both of us. 

QUESTION 11: What happens if you can't be at our wedding?
First off, unless I am physically incapable of being at your wedding do to death or major illness, I will be there. Being present for your day is of utmost importance but I am not ignorant of the curveballs life can throw. At all times, I have a network of at least 5 associate shooters that are able to take over any of my weddings that I would trust to create the same caliber of work I deliver. Though they would handle the day of affairs, you would be back in my personal care as soon as I am able to. (meaning yes, I will still be editing your photos as expected!)

QUESTION 12: Do you offer video?
The short answer is... YES. I have been working on offering video for the past year now, but am still growing my skillset and portfolio. While I cannot offer drone footage and 4k cinema magic quite yet, I do offer small highlight films at an affordable price for those who simply want a little movie magic to look back on. Feel free to mention this during our first dreaming session. 

QUESTION 13: What's the difference between high-res and web-size images? 
High resolution images are the photos with enough pixels to print in large size prints for your walls. While you can probably get away with a 4x6 print of a web size photo, you'd be disappointed with how pixelated a large print would look. 

QUESTION 14: Where can/should we get our photos printed?
Photos prints and albums are a huge part of Olive and Oath. Prints are the perfect way to bring the beauty and joy of your day into your home. They make great gifts, coffee table books and decor for years to come. Choosing where you print is equally as important. There are two options for printing with Olive and Oath and we can go more in detail during any of our calls. 

QUESTION 15: How do you protect my images?
Protecting your images is one of many ways that Olive and Oath goes above and beyond. There is intentional care from before your wedding day even happens by having SD cards and gear that are new, clean and checked regularly by my favorite local camera store. All of my incredible camera bodies have two SD card slots that allow me to copy your photos in two places simultaneously while documenting your wedding day. Once I am home, these photos are copied onto to external hard drives and the cloud. The SD cards are placed in a protected filing box until your full gallery has been delivered. By the time your photos are delivered they have been copied and protected in over 5 places. 

QUESTION 16: What gear do you use?  
I shoot on Canon's top of the line professional camera bodies. My lens collection ranges from a 35mm for those wider landscapes to an 85mm to get close and personal during your ceremony. For the receptions and winter weddings that pull us into the night, I have a well-rounded off-camera and on-camera flash set up that allows me the freedom to shoot a mixture of flash and natural low-light photography during those parts of your day. For specific photo examples, you can request a sample gallery at any time. 

QUESTION 17: Do I need a second shooter?
Though I am more than capable of capturing your day by myself, a second shooter is helpful for the spaces that I can't physically be in two places at once OR to guarantee the entire day can be amply covered. Because I personally enjoy having a second shooter their to guarantee full coverage, it is included in almost all of our packages. **For all weddings with over 70 guests, I require a second shooter, since there probably won't be time for me to rove around AND get the core photos of your day. A second shooter is also a great addition when there are two getting ready spaces, a long cocktail hour, lots of guests and large family photos. I do make recommendations during our first call, if this is something you think you may need.  

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