I pretty much always see the world through a ' the glass is over-flowing' type of perspective. From the time I was little I have been a big dreamer, overly optimistic and a hopeless romantic. I'm hard-wired for joy and it's something I thank God for daily. My husband can attest to the fact that there isn't a single moment lost on me - I live for every moment and deep connection. I want to taste and see that the Lord is good and often times I find that through connecting with new people, new places and new experiences. 

believer. wife. dreamer. 

About me


our approach

Your wedding day is a culmination of so much more than a few months of planning - it is a reflection of all that God has done in you and through you two. Marriage is what we celebrate - not a wedding. Getting to know my couples is one of my favorite parts of intimate wedding + elopement photography because together we can create a day that is a physical reflection of the work God has done in you. When hiring me you don't just get someone who shows up and presses a few buttons. You get an intentional, moment-maker who guides you in crafting the wedding day to reflects YOU. 

the wedding day is only part of your story.

I approach the wedding day looking for the in-between moments that bring emotion, context and story telling into your gallery. When I hand pick each photo, I am not simply looking to include a snapshot of every moment but instead string together each piece of the day as if they were stills pulled from a movie and you're the main character. It looks like using light, composition and seemingly insignificant details to create a photo that shows the emotions you were feeling. It looks like slowing down and creating space on your wedding day to take a deep breath, experience the moment and let the emotion fill you up. It looks like helping you to curate your wedding day to be nothing more and nothing less than exactly what you imagined. (because I am a firm believer that a wedding day truly can be whatever you want it to be.) 

what 'capturing the in-betweens'
means for you