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If we could tell you only one thing about the wedding day it would be that we want you to be present with yourself, each other and your people. You hear it a lot, but the wedding day really does fly by. That's why we are firm believers in living in the moment through your entire wedding weekend. This is a major influence in how we document your wedding experience and how we choose the moments to include in your final gallery. While we do direct for lighting and overall composition, we never want you to feel pulled by a photo timeline the entire wedding day. We want you to laugh the big laughs with your people, cry as you hug your grandma, dance while you're waiting to get your dress on. All the while, we'll be observing and documenting the real, the raw, the in-between. 

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Laura + Mark 2021

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We spend the wedding day looking for the in-between moments that bring emotion, context and story telling into your final imagery. When we hand pick each photo, we are not simply looking to include a snapshot of the big moments but instead string together each piece of the day as if they were stills pulled from a movie and you're the lead. It looks like using light, composition and seemingly insignificant details to create a photo that shows the emotions you were feeling. It looks like slowing down and creating space on your wedding day to take a deep breath, experience the moment and let the emotion fill you up. It looks like helping you to curate your wedding day to be nothing more and nothing less than exactly what you imagined (because we are firm believers that a wedding day truly can be whatever you want it to be).

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Your wedding day should be lived fully with minimal intrusion. As your photographer, Olive and Oath promises to allow space for your day to truly unfold and your moments to be lived rather than manufactured. 

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Your story is of the utmost importance to us. While we allow space for you to experience the day, we also give our expert direction for lighting and composition to create art throughout the journey of your wedding. 

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You are important to us. Who you are is important to us. Your people are important to us. We do everything we can to honor your story, document authentically and protect your images. We've got you.  

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Documenting those in-between, breath-taking moments is a product of not only our years of wedding experience, but from your decision to live and let live. We cannot make emotions that aren't there come through your images. We will not manufacture wedding moments for you, because the whole purpose of a wedding day is to celebrate the marriage, the coming together, the lives lived as two now made one. When booking us, you are also making a decision to be present and live up your wedding day to the fullest - with all the joy, tears, anticipation and celebration. Your presence will make your wedding gallery that much more impactful decades to come.

California and worldwide

We believe in telling the whole story with our whole heart. 

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What's included

Since each wedding is as unique as each couple, we offer custom packages for all of our wedding clients. These are curated to fit your wedding weekend and support the experience you want for yourselves and your people. 



  • Full Wedding Day Coverage 
  • Digital + Film Imagery 
  • Travel
  • Venue Walkthrough
  • Online gallery with personal printing rights
  • High resolution and web size files

Wedding related: Welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, good-bye brunches. 
Gifts for your spouse: Boudoir
The years to come: Lifestyle maternity, newborn and family photography.

What's included

We offer photography services for all accessory events and love to do it. At these events, the pressure is off and you are able to be more present with your guests which make for even more sentimental moments with your people. 

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What's included

We love the art that can be created during engagement sessions. These experiences are slower paced, highly personalized and curated with a planning session prior to the shoot, and full of exploration.


creative, Personal, evoking

• 2 hours of coverage (trust us - this is not too much time)
• Planning zoom call for outfit, location and vision planning. 
• Film and digital imagery delivered through an online gallery link.
• High resolution and web size files with personal printing rights.


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Josh + Ali 2022

Seriously, reach out and book Reagan right now. Not only is she an extremely talented photographer, but also an amazing person to work with. You can feel her heart in her photos and in every interaction! We would choose her 100 times over if we were to get married again. You won’t regret it, just book her already.

I mean it doesn’t get any better than Olive & Oath.

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