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Why Photojournalism is the Foundation of my Art

Presence matters most. In a world where so much is for show, the wedding day should not be. It is a day that is sacred, holy and the start of a covenant that will last your life time. My heart above all is to make space for you to be present with yourself, your spouse-to-be, and your people. This day is not for show, for portfolio, or to please others. It’s a day to reflect on the rich history that has brought you two together. It can be a wild party with lavish decor. It can be a simple ceremony with a cake reception and not a single flower. Nothing matters beyond it being a reflection of you, your story, and your values.

Photojournalism is the foundation of what I create because it’s centered on real people living real moments. While I am capable and do use my skills as creative director on the wedding day, I am in constant thought about which moments should remain perfectly imperfect and which ones need some artistic direction. I am a firm believer that a bigger portion of moments on the wedding day shouldn’t be intruded on and instead should be experienced fully regardless of “will this make a good image.” To me, a good image is one that is real. When we look back on photos from our pasts it isn’t the ones where everyone is lined up and perfectly looking at the camera that bring us back to the emotion of the day. It’s the ones where we are sitting in the living room in our Christmas pajamas, smiling wide as we open gifts. It’s the images of dinners during the holidays, friends laughing at birthday parties past, and the uncontrollable smiles at graduations.

A wedding is about the marriage, the story, the covenant, the people. In turn, my art values exactly that. I want you to live. I want you to go to your cocktail hour and laugh with your friends. I want you to dance the night away and cry as you exit because you’re overwhelmed with love from those around you. I want you to be free to live and let live, not for social media, but for yourself.

So why is photojournalism important to me? It’s because one day when you look back on these moments, you’ll either remember taking the photo or living the moment in the photo. I want you to experience the latter. If this resonates with you and your heart for your wedding day, you can inquire here.


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